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Has Anyone Ever Told You Are…

…Too Direct?
…Too Talkative?
…Too Shy or Quiet?
…Too Detailed?
…Too Demanding?
…Too Friendly?
…Too Agreeable?
…Too Fussy?

Do You know How You got Labeled with these Words or Terms?

You should know - if you don't.

Why is it important to know about these traits and how they impact your success? Because you will tend to use these traits over and over - even when the people you are around are tired of it. People skills are all about understanding style and the impact of style.

When You are using your natural traits with everyone, up to 75% of the people will not understand you! Or worse, they will tune you out, think about others things (rather than what you are discussing - even if it is important!), or even ignore you and look for other people to talk with - at work or socializing. Ouch! That hurts.

In fact, for years I did the same thing with everybody (And can still do it today if I'm not paying attention!) and merrily cruised down the avenue of life. I was totally unaware that half the people were unable or unwilling to understand what I talked about. I was not as important to them as I was to myself. (Hard truth to learn)

When I did learn about this foundational piece of communication, I was able to turn the corner on my success. People actually listened to me (And I listened to them!) when I learned some basic factors about style. People began to seek me out as a person of influence - due to my ability as a communicator. My people skill were improving! Great.

I even learned how to apply this information to my teenagers and family members. WOW! What a difference in the easy, ebb and flow of discussion with family. I had learned how to flex my style to the other person - thus improving the whole communication process. We connected. And, the important thing is it was my choice to do this.

Learn How to Improve People Skills with Everyone

Confident people are the ones who know how to connect with anyone they know or meet. They easily build rapport and trust with others. Leading to open and objective discussions about any subject.

Winners have learned effective communication techniques and connect with other winners. Losers have issues with lots of people and seldom get a chance to have meaningful discussion with the key people in their lives - especially strangers! It starts with your style.

"In order to continue to be effective, this presentation taught me to focus on understanding my style as I relate to others." - FedEx employee

The ability to effectively communicate with others is the trait that gets people promoted. They develop true relationships using real people skils, becoming more valuable to themselves and others. Interpersonal communication skills lead the way to a better life.

Use Effective Communication Skills to Get Promoted

While everyone is involved in communication on a daily basis, few are actually being effective. Why is this happening? Effectiveness is a choice, rather than chance. Remember, most people only communicate using their preferred communication style. Therefore, they can miss the mark 75% of the time using poor people skills with family, friends, business associates and customers.

Everyone needs to understand the communication process to improve their "people skills." How it works and what makes it not work. There are fundamental elements to understanding effective communication skills.

Learning how you prefer to communicate is the starting point. Then, learning about the other patterns of communication. Finally, learn how to apply flexibility in your communication to become consistently effective.

Download this article to learn more about why choices are important and how communication impacts every part of your life - professional and personal.

Who Should Attend This Effective Communication Training?

Anyone who wants to be a success with people skills. That sounds corny, yet it is the truth. Participant feedback states this DISC training is the first one that made any sense to them! Another Success.

Someone that wants to learn about how to apply what they learn for interpersonal skills success. Many people get a dose of theory with no linkage to "How to Use the Information." I believe it is more important to teach how to use communication techniques - rather than what it is!

You can learn these communication techniques from other sources - if you want to take that long. People skills are developed by using the effective communication skills we teach you.

What You Will Learn

Four Hours can Change Your Life - Really!

Four hours of the Effective Communications for Results can change your life. We have had people from all levels of corporations tell us that this was the most meaningful learning they have had. Others ask us why this information is not mainstream - that everyone would benefit from this knowledge.

Our experience has shown that most people need to learn about their own natural strengths and weaknesses regarding communication styles. Then they begin to use their strengths when they can, watching to limit over-extensions, and learning the basics of flexing to convey their message to others - accurately.

The greatest impact was learning how others perceive me during time of pressure. I was surprised that others may view me as unrealistic, overly confident, a poor listener, and self-promoting during times of fatique. I learned that I need to be aware of these perceptions and should alter my behavior during times of stress. Participant Feedback from another FedEx employee

Learn How to Be Effective and Be a Winner!

While the month of June has been designated as Effective Communication Month, you need to take action now. Think about how many more people will respond to you before June gets here away. You can't wait another year for June comes - improve your interpersonal communication skills now.

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It's Time to Take Action for YOU

Okay, it's time for you to improve your interpersonal communication skills quickly.

Call and schedule this transformational worksession for you and your team today.

And, you get four hours of action oriented facilitation by someone that applies this information everyday. That's me!

So join us today for the next session and I'm looking forward to working with you.

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